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XML Publishing with Adobe InDesign

Dorothy Hoskins

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From Adobe InDesign CS2 to CS5, the ability to work with content has been built into every version of InDesign. Some of the useful applications are importing content into InDesign to create catalog pages, exporting XML that will be useful for subsequent publishing processes, and building chunks of content that can be reused in multiple publications. In this Short Cut, we'll play with the contents of a college course catalog and see how we can use XML for course descriptions, tables, and other content. Underlying principles of XML structure, DTDs, and the InDesign namespace will help you develop your own XML processes. We'll touch briefly on using InDesign to "skin" XML content, exporting as XHTML, InCopy, and the IDML package. The Advanced Topics section gives tips on using XSLT to manipulate XML in conjunction with InDesign.