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Professional Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET Developers

Jonathan Swift, Salvador Alvarez Patuel, Chris Barker, Dan Wahlin

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Our overarching goal in writing this book was to give developers the power to quickly and easily create visually stunning Internet applications, coupled with rich interactivity to fully immerse the user in a new online experience. gives you everything you need to do just this, and in serious style! As well as taking you through each feature that ships with Silverlight, this book will make sure you're able to debug, troubleshoot, and performance-tune your Silverlight applications, as well as seamlessly hook into your existing ASP.NET architecture and code base. This book is aimed at developers and architects who want to quickly get up to speed with all that Silverlight 2 has to offer. As well as covering the breadth of features that Silverlight 2 provides, this book makes a point of demonstrating where necessary how the particular feature can be integrated tightly with the ASP.NET host application. An example is in Chapter 7, where the ASP.NET Profile service is utilized directly from within Silverlight to obtain user-specific data.